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HPLC Detector and UV/VIS Spectrometer Manufacturer Overview
 Deuterium Lamps  More information on deuterium lamps manufactured by Heraeus Noblelight
 FiberLight  More information on FiberLight miniature UV/VIS light sources manufactured by Heraeus Noblelight
 Power Supplies  More information on power supplies for Heraeus Noblelight deuterium lamps
 Price List  PDF price list - deuterium lamps
This page gives an overview of instrument manufacturers for which we offer high-quality deuterium lamps. Simply click on the manufacturer of your instrument to identify the corresponding deuterium lamp.


ABI - see Applied Biosys. Barspec Carlo Erba Desaga
Abimed - see Gilson BAS (Bioanalytical Systems) Cecil Instruments Dionex
Agilent Technologies Beckman Coulter Coleman Dupont
Alpkern Biocad   Dynamax (Rainin Instruments)
Altex Biochrom    
Altex-Hitachi Bio-Rad Laboratories  
American Hi-Tech Bios Analytical    
Amersham Pharmacia Biotage    
Aminco BioTek - see Kontron    
Analytik Jena Biotronic    
Applied Biosystems Bischoff    
Aqualabo (Secomam) Büchi    
Armen Instrument      
ATI - see Unicam      
ECOM GAT (Gamma Analysentechnik) Hach Lange IBM
EM Science GBC Hewlett Packard - see Agilent ICI
Erma GE Healthcare Hitachi IFCO
  Gilford Hitachi/PerkinElmer Interchim
  Gynkotek - see Dionex    
Jasco Kittiwake Labomatic Merck/Hitachi
  Knauer LC Packings Metertech
  Kontron Linear Micronal
  Kratos LKB Pharmacia Molecular Devices
  Kronlab (YMC)    
Nicolet PerkinElmer Scientific Systems Inc (SSI) Therma-Wave
  PerkinElmer/Hitachi Scinco Thermo
  Perseptive Biosystems Severn Analytical Thermo Finnigan - see Thermo
  Pharmacia Shimadzu Thermo Quest - see Thermo
  Philips - see Unicam Speck Analytical Thermo Separation - see Thermo
  Pye Unicam - see Unicam Spectra Physics Thermo Spectronic - see Thermo
    Spectro Bionova TJA Solutions - s. Thermo/Unicam
    Spectronic Instruments  
    Suntek Science Instruments - see Scientific Systems (SSI)  
Unicam Varian Waters Zeiss

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