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HPK 125W Mercury Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight
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HPK 125W high-pressure mercury vapor lamps (previously Philips HPK 125W) from Heraeus No-
blelight are suitable for use in scientific instrumentation and other applications requiring high sta-
bility UV radiation combined with an accurate position for the arc.

The HPK 125W mercury lamp can be used for applications such as photochemical processing, fluorimetry, mercury analysers, medical and environmental equipment and fixed wavelength detectors.

HPK 125W lamps provide maximum energy at 365 nm, with substantial radiation also at 435, 313, 253 and 404 nm. In addition, there is a continuum from 200 to 600 nm, peaking at 260 nm with approximately 20 % of the maximum energy measured in the line spectrum.

HPK 125W Mercury Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight
HPK 125W line spectrum Left image: Line spectrum HPK 125W mercury lamp

Ballast: 125 W
TRMS current: 1150 mA
TRMS voltage: 127 V
Band width: 1 nm

Wattage: 125 W
Ignition voltage: 180 V
Running voltage: 125 V
Current: 1150 mA
Stabilisation time: 2 min
Output drop: 20% after 1000 hrs

The lamp should ideally be mounted with the base down and a maximum inclination from the vertical of ±30° in a BA15d connector.

HPK 125W mercury lamps are suitable as light sources in Hilger FS146Mk2 Spectrographs and in instruments that utilize Philips lamp types 9280781051 and 93110. Due to the high level of UV radiation, extreme care should be ta-
ken in following the local health and safety precautions for operators working in the presence of ultra-violet light.

The Heraeus Noblelight C440 ballast is available to drive the HPK 125W mer-
cury lamp.

Right image: HPK 125W dimensions

HPK 125W dimensions
 Type/Description Part No. Price 
HPK 125W high-pressure mercury lamp 80017490 1.269.00
C440 ballast for HPK 125W 80017412 160.00
All prices are in Euros per piece and are subject to change without further notice.

For further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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