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Multiple-Position Magnetic Stirrer, Analog, Model ST15
 Magnetic Stirrers   Further information and overview of our Torrey Pines Scientific magnetic stirrers
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The Torrey Pines Scientific ST15 analog multiple-position magnetic stirrer comes with 5 individually controllable stirring spots. Its 305 x 305 mm chemically resistant top plate is made of ceramic glass and mounted into a cast aluminum frame.

The analog ST15 magnetic stirrer is driven by an open loop control. Up to 800 ml of aqueous solution per stirring position can be mixed over a speed range of 100 to 1,500 rpm.

The handling of the ST15 stirrer is very easy. The stirring speed is set with stepless control knobs for the corresponding stirring spots.

Enlarged image: controls and ceramic top - ST15 multi-position magnetic stirrer Left image:
Controls and ceramic top of the Torrey Pines Scientific ST15 multi-position magnetic stirrer
(similar to illustration)
Multiple-position hot plate stirrer type HS15 from Torrey Pines Scientific (similar to ST15 magnetic stirrer)
HS15 Hot Plate Stirrer (similar to ST15)
Plate material: ceramic glass
Top plate: 305 x 305 mm
Stirring positions: 5 (800 ml beakers)
Stirring speed range, unloaded: 100 - 1,500 rpm
Stirring speed settability: stepless
Stirring load: approx. 800 ml (H2O) per stirring position
Dimensions (WxHxD): 318 x 140 x 457 mm
Weight: 12.7 kg
Mains supply: 100, 115 and 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Timer: no
Alarm & Auto-Off: no
RS232 I/O port: no

 Description Part No. 
ST15 Magnetic Stirrer, analog, 5 positions, 305 x 305 mm ceramic glass top ST15-2
 For pricing information, please refer to our current price list.

Further information on the HS15 series analog multiple-position hot plate stirrers from Torrey Pines Scientific HS15 Analog Multiple-Position Hot Plate Stirrers from Torrey Pines Scientific
The HS15 series analog hot plate stirrers are available with 305 x 305 mm ceramic glass heater/stirrer tops with 5 individual stirring positions for 800 ml beakers.

Further information: HS15 multiple-position hot plate stirrer

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