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PE300BF Cermax Xenon Short-Arc Lamps from Excelitas Technologies
The compact PE300BF (PE300BFA) Cermax xenon short-arc lamps from Excelitas Technol-
ogies have an integrated parabolic reflector, enabling high intensity focused output of ultra-
violet, visible and infrared radiation.

Power (nominal): 300 W
Power (range): 180-320 W
Current (nominal): 21 A (DC)
Current (range): 10-22 A (DC)
Operating Voltage (nominal): 14 V (DC)
Operating Voltage (range): 13-16 V (DC)
Ignition Voltage: 23 kV (recommended minimum)
Temperature: 150° C (maximum)
Lifetime *: 1000 h typical

Peak Intensity: 515x103 cd
Radiant Output **: 50 W
UV Output **: 2.6 W
IR Output **: 28.8 W
Visible Output **: 5.000 lm
Color Temperature: 5.900 K
Peak Instabilities: 4%
Beam Geometry ***: 5°/6°/7°

Arc Gap: 0.049" (1.24 mm)
Reflector Geometry: Parabolic Y2 = 0.5 X (inch)
Weight: 132 g
Window Diameter: 1.0" (25.4 mm)

Visible Output 6 mm Aperture: 1.410 lm
Total Output 6 mm Aperture ****: 14 W
Visible Output 8 mm Aperture: 3.130 lm
Total Output 8 mm Aperture ****: 29 W

1. Lamp must not be operated with window facing upwards within 45° of vertical.
2. Seal temperature must not exceed 150 °C.
3. Current/power regulated power supplies are recommended.
4. Lamp must be operated within recommended current and power range. Over pow-
ering may lead to arc instability, hard starting and premature aging.
5. Hot mirror assembly is available for IR filtering.
6. Cermax lamps are safer to handle, compared to their non-compact xenon arc lamp equivalents. However, caution must be practised when operating these lamps due to high pressure, high voltage, high temperatures of up to 200 °C and their IR and UV radiation, which can cause skin burns and eye damage. Consult hazard sheet included with each lamp shipment.

Image top right: PE300BF xenon lamp
Image center right: Mechanical dimensions PE300BF lamp
Image bottom right: Spectral output PE300BF and PE300BUV lamps

* End of life is defined as 50% of initial output.
** Total output in all directions. Wavelengths=UV<390 nm, IR>770 nm, Visible: 390-770 nm.
*** Beam geometry defined as the half angle at 10% PTS after 1/100/1000 hours.
**** Nominal values at 300 W after 2 hour burn in.

Cermax® is a registered trademark of Excelitas Technologies Corp.
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without notice.
PE300BF Cermax Xenon Short-Arc Lamp

Mechanical dimensions PE300BF Cermax xenon short-arc lamps

Spectral output PE300BF and PE300BUV Cermax xenon lamps

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