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St-Series Mercury Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight
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Absorption and reflection measurements in photometers are mostly performed at fixed wavelengths. For this purpose medium pressure mercury lamps offer several advantages. The spectrum shows narrow lines in the UV as well as in the visible range.

For quasi-monochromatic measurements the spectrum can be limited to one line with just a simple filter technique. Furthermore the single lines have a high irradiance and high-resolution measurements can be performed with conventional techniques.

Heraeus St-series mercury lamps are stabilised medium pressure lamps especially developed for analytical applications. They are used in photometers, polarimeters, fluorimeters and other equipment. The emission lines have narrow bands, virtually monochromatic spectrum at constant, well reproducible wavelengths. Consequently, they are particularly suitable for absorption measurements.
St-Series Mercury Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight

St-series mercury lamps are stabilised by the geometry of the gas discharge, resulting in an accurate position of the arc. As a result, the noise is very low - in the order of 0.1%. The most favourable values of drift and noise are achieved when only the middle part of the light arc is used as the light source.

The guaranteed operating life for all St-lamp types is 1000 hrs with a reduction of the output of max. 50%. The normal useful operating life can be between 2000 to 4000 hrs.

St-lamps should be mounted with the base down and an inclination from the vertical of less than ±20°. In DC operation, the lamp must be connected so that the anode is at the bottom.

UV radiation damages skin and eyes. Always wear protective glasses, gloves and clothing.

 Lamp Type: St 75
Click here for enlarged image: St 75 mercury lamp
Part No.: 56001171
Total Length (mm): 120
Light Center (mm): 51.0 ± 0.5
Arc Length (mm): 20
Outer Bulb Ø (mm): n/a
Base: Ba 20 d
Type of Current: DC
Wattage (W): 80
Ignition Voltage (V): 800
Lamp Voltage (V): 88 ± 7
Lamp Current (A): 0.9
Luminous Intensity (cd): 220
Luminance (cd cm-2): 530
Radiance UV-A (mW sr/cm-2): 680
Radiance UV-B (mW sr/cm-2): 840

Heraeus Noblelight St-series mercury lamps are used as light source in several polarimeter models from Perkin Elmer. The following instruments utilize St 75 mercury lamps:

Instrument-/Model-Type Heraeus Lamp Type
Perkin Elmer 141 St 75
Perkin Elmer 141MC St 75
Perkin Elmer 241 St 75
Perkin Elmer 241C St 75
Perkin Elmer 243 St 75

 Type Part No. Price 
St 75 56001171 636.00
All prices are in Euros per piece and are subject to change without further notice.

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