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Deuterium Lamps for Instruments from Severn Analytical
Deuterium lamps for instruments manufactured by Severn Analytical. Please click on the corresponding lamp type to receive further information. In many cases an image of the lamp is available.

Instrument Information Lamp Information
 Model OEM* Type Code Price   Type Code Price   Type Code Price
6500                   LI-401 J, L 284,00
6503                   LI-401 J, L 284,00
6504                   LI-401 J, L 284,00
6508                   LI-401 J, L 284,00
SA6500   J53 J, T 419,00                
SA6503   J53 J, T 419,00                
SA6504   J53 J, T 419,00                
SA6508 (Rapidscan)   J53 J, T 419,00                
SA6510           SD 1151-02 TJ J, T 438,00        

A - use clip from old lamp G - bare lamp X - pos. adapter required
B - use bracket from old lamp H - check terminals mK - with cooling jacket
C - requires prealigning J - prealigned oK - without cooling jacket
D - use connector from old lamp L - longlife (2000 hrs) mGK - with spade lugs
E - resolder circuit board from old lamp onto new lamp N - exchange only mBS - with Burndy connector
F - check previous lamp T - with timer mMS - with Molex connector
All prices are in Euros per piece and are subject to change without further notice.
* The replacement deuterium lamps offered by us are third-party manufacturer products that are suitable for replacing the original parts designated by the original instrument manufacturers OEM number.

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