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Laboratory Presses - 15 and 25 Ton
 Dies   Evacuable dies suitable for producing discs of 3 to 45 mm
 Datasheet     PDF data sheet
Hydraulic laboratory presses are designed for the preparation of solid samples for IR spectroscopy and X-ray spectroscopy. By means of evacuable dies laboratory presses generate the necessary pressure to produce high-quality permeable disks.

The perfect workmanship of high-strength aluminum and stainless steel make our solid quality presses an extremely reliable partner in your laboratory.

The two and four pillar constructions of the 15 and 25 ton laboratory presses are perfectly designed for the respective press. Together with the transparent impact-resistant safety guards made from polycarbonate, they guarantee a safe working environment.

A mechanical overload of the hydraulics is avoided by limiting the piston stroke. As an option, the digital versions offer a pressure limitation valve that lets the user set the maximum tonnage to the operating limits of a range of dies.
Hydraulic Laboratory Presses
Due to the length of the upper spindle and the max. inner width of 150 mm, all standard size die sets can be fixed securely. Tubing used to evacuate the die set can be led to the outside of the chamber through the side cover panel.

 Model: 15 ton 15 ton, digital 25 ton 25 ton, digital
Max. load on piston: 15 t 15 t 25 t 25 t
Display / Resolution: analog / 0.5 t digital / 0.01 t analog / 0.5 t digital / 0.01 t
Width between pillars: 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Piston stroke: 22 mm 22 mm 225 mm 22 mm
Diameter hydraulic cylinder: 105 mm 105 mm 105 mm 105 mm
Max. spindle adjustment: 102 mm 102 mm 112 mm 112 mm
Spindle diameter: 35 mm 35 mm 45 mm 45 mm
Max. headroom: 142 mm 142 mm 185 mm 185 mm
Min. headroom: 50 mm 50 mm 73 mm 73 mm
Dims. (h min/max x w x d): 436/538 x 370 x 300 mm 436/538 x 370 x 300 mm 497/609 x 370 x 300 mm 497/609 x 370 x 300 mm
Net weight: 43.5 kg 43 kg 51.5 kg 51 kg
Mains adapter: - external, 12 V - external, 12 V

Hydraulic laboratory press, 15 t, analog
15 t press, analog
  Hydraulic laboratory press, 15 t, digital
15 t press, digital
  Hydraulic laboratory press, 25 t, analog
25 t press, analog
  Hydraulic laboratory press, 25 t, digital
25 t press, digital

 Part No. Description Price 
LP-MAN-15-AN Laboratory press, 15 ton, analog 3.749,00
LP-MAN-15-DIG Laboratory press, 15 ton, digital 4.439,00
LP-MAN-25-AN Laboratory press, 25 ton, analog 4.089,00
LP-MAN-25-DIG Laboratory press, 25 ton, digital 4.659,00
LP-MOT-5-DIG Laboratory press, 5 ton, motorized 4.949,00
LP-MOT-25-AN Laboratory press, 25 ton, motorized 6.089,00
All prices are in Euro (EUR) per piece (excluding VAT).

More information on our evacuable dies   Evacuable Dies
For the preparation of high-grade transparent discs with diameters from 3 mm to 45 mm for IR- and X-ray spectroscopy, we offer evacuable die sets made from stainless tool steel.

Further information: evacuable die sets.

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