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Specialist Lamps for Medical, Technical and Scientific Applications
This page lists all lamp types which are available from us. Their application fields are among others, analytical and medical technology. Please click on the sub-category of interest to receive further information.

Deuterium Lamps

Deuterium Replacement Lamps - As an official preferred distributor for Heraeus Noblelight and close partner of other companies that fit deuterium lamps with device specific mounts and holders, we are in a position to offer prealigned lamps for almost all instruments at prices well below those demanded by the instrument manufacturers.

FiberLight - Heraeus Noblelight FiberLight compact miniature UV-Vis light sources have a continuous spectrum covering the whole range from vacuum UV to near Infrared. Its range of use spans mobile spectroscopy applications and all types of handheld devices that require a low power consumption UV-Vis light source.

Hollow Cathode Lamps

Hollow Cathode Lamps - Heraeus Noblelight hollow cathode lamps are fitted as originals by many of the worlds foremost atomic absorption instrument manufacturers and as replacements by many end-users. The lamp program includes a wide range of single- and multi-element lamps in the versions 1.5" (Standard) and 2.0" (PerkinElmer) and, therefore covers a broad variety of instruments. Lamps specifically designed for use with Smith-Hieftje background correction systems and data-coded versions for instruments from PerkinElmer, Thermo (Unicam) and Varian are also available.

Line Sources

NK-Series Mercury Lamps - The NK-series low-pressure mercury vapor lamps from Heraeus Noblelight emit primarily the mercury line at 253.7 nm.

HG2 Low-Pressure Mercury Lamps - The HG2 low-pressure mercury lamps from Heraeus Noblelight have a highly stable output predominantly at the 253.7 nm mercury line. They can be used for applications such as mercury analyzers, fluorimetry, pollution analyzers, fixed wavelength detectors and calibration equipment.


PID Lamps - PID lamps (photoionisation detector lamps) are low pressure discharge lamps. Depending on the gas fill, they emit intense spectral lines in the range of 105 and 150 nm. Applications include gas chromatography, trace gas analysis, portable gas sniffers and sample ionisation for mass spectrometry.

Mercury Short-Arc Lamps

Osram HBO Mercury Short-Arc Lamps - Osram HBO lamps are short-arc lamps in which the luminous arc burns in an atmosphere of mercury vapor at high pressure. HBO mercury lamps are available in wattages ranging from 50 to several thousand watts.

Osram HXP Mercury Short-Arc Lamps - Osram HXP lamps are short-arc lamps with reflector in which the luminous arc burns in an atmosphere of mercury vapor at high pressure. They are constructed exclusively for ac operation.

Ushio USH Mercury Short-Arc Lamps - USH short-arc mercury lamps from Ushio are super-high pressure lamps, designed for maximum output in the ultraviolet wavelength region, particularly at 436, 405 and 365 nm. We offer USH mercury lamps in wattages ranging from 50 to 500 watts.

Tungsten Halogen Lamps

Tungsten Halogen Lamps - Tungsten halogen lamps provide a continuous spectrum from 315 nm to over 2000 nm. When used in conjunction with deuterium lamps, tungsten lamps provide the wide ranging output required in UV/VIS spectrophotometers. Heraeus Noblelight tungsten lamps are available as "naked" lamps as well as prealigned versions.

Xenon Short-Arc Lamps

Osram XBO Xenon Short-Arc Lamps - XBO xenon lamps are short arc lamps in which the luminous arc burns in an atmosphere of pure xenon gas at high pressure. Osram XBO lamps are available in wattages ranging from 75 to several thousand watts.

Ushio UXL Short-Arc Xenon Lamps - Ushio UXL xenon lamps are high-intensity point light sources. An important feature of this lamp type is its close resemblance to daylight in terms of spectral distribution. We offer lamps with a power spectrum ranging from 75 to 1,430 watts.

Ushio UXR Compact Xenon Short-Arc Lamps - Ushio UXR-300 lamps are compact high pressure ceramic xenon short-arc lamps with a dedicated internal reflector. This lamp type offers a high intensity narrow beam, long life and broadband illumination.

Cermax Xenon Short-Arc Lamps - Excelitas Technologies Cermax lamps are compact ceramic xenon short-arc lamps. Utilizing an integrated parabolic or ellipsoidal reflector, Cermax lamps produce high intensity, collimated or focused output of light.
Deuterium lamp from Heraeus Noblelight

Hollow cathode lamp from Heraeus Noblelight

PID lamp from Heraeus Noblelight

Osram HBO mercury short-arc lamp

Tungsten halogen lamp from Heraeus Noblelight

Ushio UXR compact xenon short-arc lamp

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