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Tungsten Lamp Type CT030T02 (80017361) from Heraeus Noblelight
Tungsten lamp for:
PerkinElmer Lambda 2, Lambda 5, Lambda 7, Lambda 9, Lambda 10, Lambda 11, Lambda 12, Lambda 14, Lambda 15, Lambda 16, Lambda 17, Lambda 18, Lambda 19, Lambda 20, Lambda 25, Lambda 35, Lambda 40, Lambda 45, Lambda 650, Lambda 800, Lambda 850, Lambda 900, Lambda 950, Lambda Bio, Lambda Bio+
(OEM-numbers*: B011-4620)

Lamp model: CT030T02
Part no.: 80017361

Voltage: 10.8 V
Operating current: 2.8 A
Wattage: 30.0 W
Filament type: transverse
Overall bulb length: 47.0 mm
Bulb diameter: 9.0 mm
Pin length: 6.8 mm
Pin diameter: 1.5 mm
Base/Connector: GY5.3
Operating position: any
Lumen: 540 lm
Color temperature: 3000 K
Emission wavelength: 300–3000 nm
Average lifetime**: 1000 h
Notes: prealigned
Tungsten Lamp Type CT030T02 (80017361) from Heraeus Noblelight

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without notice.
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* The replacement tungsten lamps offered by us are third-party manufacturer products that are suitable for replacing the original parts designated by the original instrument manufacturers OEM number.
** Data regarding lifetime has been obtained under continuous laboratory operation on a large numbers of lamps. The average lifetime set forth above means that 50% of the tested lamps were still working after this lifetime. The actual lifetime of an individual lamp may vary significantly from this value.

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