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UXR Compact Xenon Short-Arc Lamps from Ushio
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The UXR lamps from Ushio are compact high pressure xenon short-arc lamps with an integrated reflector. In addition to its long lifespan, the Ushio UXR series features a high intensity narrow beam combined with a broad spectrum range.

The radiation from the arc is collimated by an internal parabolic reflector that is optically prealigned. Therefore a optical axis adjustment is no longer required. Further advantages are easy handling due to compact dimensions and a higher degree of burst resistance compared to standard short-arc lamps.

Typical application areas are:

· Endoscopy/laparoscopy
· Data projection
· Spectroscopy
· Fiber optic illumination
· Microscopy
· Solar simulation
UXR Compact Xenon Short-Arc Lamps from Ushio
 Type/Part No. W V A Color Temp. (K) Price 
UXR-175BF (NEW) - further information 175 12,5 14 6100 249,00
UXR-300BF (NEW) - further information 300 15 20 6100 249,00
UXR-300BU discontinued
UXR-300CU discontinued
UXR-300DU discontinued
All prices are in Euros per piece and are subject to change without further notice.

Ushio data sheet - "UXR-Series" PDF: 3,6 MB

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