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UXR-300BF Compact Xenon Lamps from Ushio
The UXR-300BF xenon lamps from Ushio are high-quality compact light sources with an integrated parabolic reflector.

Lamp power: 300 W
Rated lamp current: 20 A
Lamp current (range): 18~21 A
Operating Voltage: 15 V (DC)
Power supply: Constant current and power control
Current ripple (P-P): max. 5%
Ignition voltage: min. 23 kV AC
Supply voltage: min. 140 V
Operating direction: horizontal
Temperature, ceramic body: max. 150° C
Temperature, base: max. 200° C
Forced cooling: required

Radiant output: 50 W
Visible output: 4,500 lm
Visible output (5 mm aperture): 1,830 lm
Color Temperature: 6,100 K

Arc gap (non-operation): 1.5 mm
Reflector geometry: parabolic
Window diameter: 25.4 mm
Rated lifetime *: 500 h
Ushio UXR-300BF dimensions

Image top right: Ushio UXR-300BF compact xenon lamp
Image center right: UXR-300BF visible output degradation (5 mm aperture)
Image bottom right: UXR-300BF spectral distribution


1. UXR-300BF xenon lamps exhibit a high internal pressure. While handling, do not apply any
UXR-300BF compact xenon lamps from Ushio

UXR-300BF visible output degradation (5 mm aperture)

UXR-300BF spectral distribution
excessive shock, stress or scratch to the lamp. Otherwise the lamp may burst, resulting in catastrophic failure.

2. Lamp should not be operated with window facing upwards within 45° of vertical.

3. Turn off the power before inserting, removing or cleaning the lamp. Failing to do so can cause electrical shock.

4. High voltage is required for ignition. Do not touch the lamp, nor heat sinks during operation, especially in the ignition process.

5. Do not look directly at the operating lamp. Intense IR and UV radiation generated by the lamp can cause severe eye damage and skin burns.

6. High temperatures are built up during operation. Do not touch the lamp while in operation and for at least 10 minutes after switch-off.

7. Do not operate the UXR-300BF near flammable gases or chemicals.

Please refer to the data sheet below for further operation and safety instructions.

Ushio data sheet - "UXR-300BF - Ushio UXR Series" PDF: 1.62 MB

* Visible output (5 mm aperture) is reduced to 50% of the initial value.

All brand names and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
We reserve the right to change technical specifications without notice.

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