Vacuum Filtration Manifolds from Crami Srl.

The modular vacuum filtration manifolds from Crami Srl. are available as 1-, 3-, 4- and 6-branch versions. These unique single- and multi-branch manifolds for microbiology enable easy and fast serial filtrations.

The manifold's base is made from satin stainless steel. The handles are made of anodized aluminum. One side handle comes with a 2-stage hose barb for inner diameters of 8 and 12 mm.

Crami vacuum manifolds can be easily disassembled, resulting in less time consuming cleaning. The filter branches can also be dismantled quickly and replaced if necessary. The vacuum manifold can thus be adapted to your requirements with little effort.

Vacuum filtration manifold from Crami

Each filter branch has a tap made of PTFE with a stainless steel lever. This enables an independent flow regulation of each individual filtration station.

Enlarged image: handle with 2-stage hose barb (similar to illustration) Enlarged image: handle with stopper Enlarged image: demounting filter branch

Left image: handle with hose barb for 8 and 12 mm ID vacuum hose
Middle image: handle with removable stopper
Right image: easy dismantling of the filter branch

Simply put together the desired vacuum filtration manifold. First decide on the number of filter stations and then select the branch type that meets your requirements.

Eight different types of stainless steel filter branches are available. Each branch is equipped with a PTFE tap with a stainless steel lever.

Type KM-N - Filter branch with conical mount suitable for complete vacuum filter holders equipped with #8 or #8B stoppers.

Type RA-S2 - Filter branch with mushroom-shaped mount with filter support made of sintered stainless steel for 47 and 50 mm Ø membrane filters.

Type RA-A2 and KM-A2 - Filter branches with mushroom-shaped mounts for different filter funnels from Sartorius, Pall Life Science and Crami.

Type RA-M3 - Filter branch with mushroom-shaped mount with filter support made of sintered stainless steel for Microfil® (Millipore) 100 or 250 ml filter funnels.

Type RA-E - Filter branch with mushroom-shaped mount with filter support made of sintered stainless steel for 25 mm Ø membrane filters.

Type KM-B - Filter branch with mushroom-shaped mount for Bio-Bact 100 (Crami), BioSart® 100 (Sartorius), Whatman and similar 46,5 mm Ø ID monitors.

Type KM-P - Filter connection with 2-stage 8 and 12 mm Ø hose barb for independent connection of various remote vacuum filtration devices.

Crami brochure - "Modular Filtration Manifolds and Related Assembly Components"

In addition to the single- and multi-branch manifolds from Crami Srl., we also offer a wide range of accessories for vacuum filtration applications. These include among other products filter holders and membrane filters. More information is available under Advantec Laboratory Filtration.

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